3-day Morocco Buggy Adventures

3-Day Morocco Desert Dune Buggy

3-Day Morocco Desert Dune Buggy

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On this 3-day Morocco buggy adventures, you’ll get to see one of North Africa’s largest sand dunes. You will go to the heart of the Merzouga neighborhood. After meeting with a guide, familiarize yourself with your equipment and basic safety procedures.

During our 3-day desert dune buggy adventure, you will see the relevant variables of the Moroccan countryside, such as Erg dunes, rocky regs, solitary plateaus, traveling hammadas, sand rivers, discovering the simple lifestyle of nomads, and experiencing the adrenaline of sand dunes.



Day 01: Merzouga Dunes – Erg Znigi Dunes – Wild Desert Camp

After a shower and breakfast at your Merzouga hotel, our guide will go through all of the safety precautions for riding and driving the buggy on the sand dunes, before embarking on our three-day Morocco Dune Buggy Adventure to explore the remote and breathtaking regions of the great south with the assistance of an experienced and competent local UTV team.

The tour will begin with a drive across Erg Chebbi’s dunes, one of North Africa’s highest sand dunes, followed by a drive along one of the classic Paris-Dakar Rally trails. Along the way, we’ll stop at the prehistoric site of Taouz engraved stone.

Then we’ll drive through the stunning beauty of desert mountains and sand dunes till we arrive at Jdaid settlement for lunch. We’ll next drive along the Jdaid River, stopping to view the sunset over the beautiful orange Ouzina sand dunes before spending the night in either a desert wild camp or a modest lodge in the middle of nowhere. Enjoy the solitude and quiet of the wild desert, which is less traveled.

Day 02: Ramlia dunes – Mharch Oasis – Erg Ouzina sand dunes

After breakfast, we headed in the direction of Ramliya dunes  and the Mharch Valley. by traveling the Dakar rally roads far into the desert, conversing with nomads over tea.

Following lunch, the trail takes us through a dry river, a black plateau, various fesh-fesh areas, and across a vast sandy riverbed before returning to Ouzina over the hard-packed winding trails.

Day 03: Erg Ouzina sand dunes – Hamada Kem Kem – Back to Merzouga desert

On our three-day desert dune buggy tour, we will visit sand dunes between the Hamada Kem Kem and Tazoulte Mountains. Then, to learn more about the magnificent and inaccessible mountains to the south, we’ll take a drive along the Ouzina Sand Dunes and Ziz River.

Afterwards, we’ll drive to Taouz and the Khamlia village for lunch, where we’ll taste Berber pizza. Then, before driving through Merzouga’s highest sand dunes, we’ll stop at a small oasis and climb one of the highest sand dunes for the sunset, with breathtaking views given by ripples and waves of sand dunes reaching up to 150m. Overnight in a hotel in Merzouga.

Each person is at their own level of comfort, and no one is ever asked to do more than they are comfortable with. Remember, we’re all about having fun while staying safe! If you’re a first-time visitor or have little adventurers with you, we’re pleased to tailor the 3-day Morocco desert dune buggy tour to your needs.



What To Bring

Travel Insurance:

At the risk of sounding like your parents, buy travel insurance before you leave. It’s one of those items you don’t want to leave the house without. Depending on your travel style, we recommend either World Nomads or Safety Wing.

Before departing on a tour, the client should get personal insurance from a reliable insurer to cover personal injury, medical expenses, repatriation fees, luggage loss, and tour cancellation penalties.


To reserve your desert 3-day Morocco desert dune buggy tour, we require a deposit via PayPal or bank transfer, with the remainder paid in cash upon your arrival. We are entirely flexible in arranging your customised trip based on your travel preferences and budget.

Cash or credit cards:

We accept cash in Euros (€), pounds (£), USD ($), or local Dirhams (MAD) for the 3-day Morocco desert dune buggy tour balance. We recommend paying cash upon arrival at our office. If you do not want to go with a lot of cash, we propose paying with credit or mastercard. However, there is a 6% fee.

Cancellation Policy

We can cancel your 3-day desert dune buggy tour for free if you notify us two days before the tour begins. Simply notify us of your cancellation by email, and we will issue a full refund. Also, if you wish to postpone your trip to a later date.

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3-Day Morocco Desert Dune Buggy
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