Morocco Small Group Desert Tour

Travel to Morocco itself is an Adventure! Morocco has so much more to offer. Consequently, we developed an expertise in nonconventional tours. For example: Rock Climbing, Quad Excursions in the desert, Kayaking, Hiking, Trekking, Hot Air Ballooning”. We pride ourselves in being able to customise any tours to accommodate our clients needs, wishes and budgets.

Most importantly, we are more than a regular tour operator. For instance, we help you build: Your dream itinerary. Arrange transfers from the airport to your accommodation. Provide a team of multilingual, experienced, knowledgeable drivers and/or guides. In addition, we offer VIP private or semi-private tours and Students Discovery Tours. Reliable transportation with all the comforts for the road (AC). Most importantly, always pay very special attention to details and first and foremost SAFETY.