Morocco Motorcycle Tours

Morocco Motorcycle Tours

Morocco has a lot more to offer than most motorbike excursions, which typically feature a seemingly endless mountainous landscape. You can see gorges, forests, valleys, and the Sahara desert on a Morocco motorcycle tours. You can socialize with the inhabitants of the Berber villages as well. Morocco motorbike tours can genuinely broaden your perspective.

Everyone has long wanted to take a motorcycle tour of Morocco, and it’s easy to see why. The gateway to Africa offers stunning diversity and unforgettable adventure riding, from the Saharan dunes to the summits of the High Atlas and the beautiful valleys.

Morocco Ultra Tours can assist you in planning a motorcycle trip through the country’s breathtaking mountain ranges, historic sites, and vast deserts. You will be greeted by the vibrant cultures, mouthwatering cuisine, and genuine Moroccan hospitality of each town and city.

Motorcycle Tour Packages

Look into desert Motorcycle tours that other tourists rated highly.

Enduro Bike Tours from Marrakech:

6 Days Morocco Off-road Motorcycle Tour

6-Day Marrakech, Desert and Mountains - 4 Days Bike tour

Enjoy one of the more popular motorbike excursions, which provide people with limited time the opportunity to explore some of Morocco's outstanding off-road biking variety.

Merzouga KTM tours

7 Days Trips from Marrakech - 5 Days dirt biking in Morocco's desert

Designed for riders looking for a more balanced mix of rocky and sand roads while still having the possibility to tackle Erg Chebbi, Morocco's largest dunes.

6 Days Morocco Off-road Motorcycle Tour

Special 9-Day Tour of Marrakech with 7-Day Desert Bike riding

A Unique Experience: Our Mountain and Desert journey includes an extra day at Mezouga desert to allow you more time to conquer Morocco's largest sand dunes

Dirt Bike Tours from Fes:

6 Days Morocco Off-road Motorcycle Tour

8-day Tour from Fes - 6-day Motorcycle Desert Tour

We will explore Morocco's lesser-known backroads, taking you to the edges of the desert and showing you the spectacular landscape on off-road pist, combining a unique blend of culture and adventure.

5 days Fes Tour - 3 days Sand Dune KTM Tour

Join us on a 5-day KTM adventure through the Mharech Valley, the isolated mountains, and the Ziz River. Before seeing Merzouga's most famous dunes, stop by a family who was among the first to enjoy Gnawa music.

ktm 7-Day Fes Desert Tour

4 days Tour - 2 days Merzouga Enduro Tour

Come with us! Our 4-day Morocco Enduro bike tour takes you from Fes to the Merzouga sand dune. Admire the breathtaking desert environment, meet the Nomads, and learn about traditional Gnawa music.

Merzouga Desert MotorBike Tours :

5-Day Merzouga & Zagora Desert Motorbike Tour

Experience one of Morocco's most famous motorcycle expeditions, which allow guests with little time to see some of the country's amazing off-road biking choices.

Morocco Adventure Tours

3-Day Merzouga Desert Motorbike excursion

During our 3-day desert KTM trip, we will see the Saf Saf oasis, as well as lonely mountains and the immense Hamada Kem Kem desert. Then, visit Erg Chabbi's largest dunes.

Full-day Mezouga Sahara Desert Motorcycle Tour

Visit Khamlia hamlet, a historic mining community, on a full-day desert Dirt bike adventure. Enjoy the Erg Znigui dunes and the black desert.

Are you ready for a Magical Adventure?

Consider our Morocco Motorcycle Tours to create an unforgettable experience. Get on a bike and ride till you can’t anymore. Visit regions where few people have gone before and enjoy an incredible feeling.

There aren’t many views we enjoy more than riding our bike across the dunes while surrounded by a gorgeous landscape. This will be remembered for the rest of my life.

About Our Morocco Motorcycle Tours

We’ve been in the outdoor adventure business for ten years and love nothing more than providing our customers with memorable experiences. Over the years, we’ve refined our Morocco Motorcycle Tours to provide you with the best experience possible.

Each of our excursions is designed to make your vacation enjoyable. Here’s a sample of what you may anticipate if you ride with us in Morocco.

Morocco Ultra Tours provides a range of adventure durations, from full-day to multi-day motorcycle trips. While our visits are often scheduled in the mornings and afternoons, we can customize an experience to meet the needs of our guests at any time.

We employ a range of equipment for our motorcycle rides. The KTM 450 is one of our most popular models.

Riders must have prior off-road experience to join us on one of our KTM off-road adventures. We’re assuming you’ve brought your own gear and equipment. Wearing your own ensures your comfort.

More information about our Morocco Motorcycle Tours:

Nobody understands Morocco’s desert landscape like we do. Our skilled tour guides will take you to the most picturesque locations. We know how to provide a wonderful experience after more than ten years in business. Join us for an amazing riding tour in Morocco!


  • The deposit paid at the time of booking is accepted as part of the total cost of the tour and will not be refunded unless the applicant cannot be offered a place.
  • The remaining balance of the tour cost must be paid in the first day of the tour.


The following cancellation fees apply to BALANCE payments:

  • 3 weeks before departure by Client – 50% refund.
  • 5 Days before departure by Client – no refund.


  • Be in possession of a valid motorcycle driving license at all times throughout the tour.
  • Should the Client cause the motorbike to be retained or embargoed, all costs will be payable by the Client, including any losses to the Company whilst the motorbike is immobilized.
  • The customer is responsible for his or her own personal insurance, including repatriation, and acknowledges the tour’s inherent risks and dangers.


  • If damage occurs as a result of performing a wheelie, the Client will be held liable for ALL damages.