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Morocco Awaits: Let Touareg Trails Curate Your Perfect Getaway

At Touareg Trails, we hold the belief that travel entails much more than simply escaping from routine.

It's all about:

Choose a guided tour from our exclusive collection of exceptional and affordable vacation packages. These itineraries are carefully designed to align with both your preferences in travel experiences and your financial plan, catering to a wide range of budgets from economical to luxurious.

Journey with assurance, as our experienced Travel and Wellness Directors will accompany you throughout the entire adventure.

The lifetime memories you’ll make while seeing Morocco, its cultures, and people on one of our guided tours.

Our mission is simple – to help you have as much fun as possible while visiting Morocco.

For more than 23 years,We’ve been giving a wonderfully easy and truly personalized approach to planning, experiencing, and enjoying the trip of your dreams. We’re a one-stop travel agency with one mission: to help you quickly locate, effortlessly arrange, and then completely enjoy unique holiday experiences with our varied selection of travel brands.

Touareg Trails is proud to provide the top tourist sites in the country. We value our clients and aim to provide them with the finest possible experience in Morocco.

Why Touareg Trails?

Eco Friendly Tours

We make every effort to follow the rules of our tourism industry and avoid any activities that are incompatible with the threat of global warming.

Trips to Choice

We absolutely concerned about the customers choice while initiating the tours. We believe in Customers Satisfaction.


Our administration's primary goal is to ensure the safety of each person on the tour.

Best Equipments

Touareg Trails never compromise on quality. We are always emphasizing the importance of using the best equipment available on the market..

Why travelers love Touareg Trails

Custom trips for independent travelers who are too busy to plan

Touareg Trails has hand-picked local Moroccan travel experts to give you peace of mind and an unforgettable trip tailored to your specific requirements.

Touareg Trails’ local experts ensure that you have the best possible experience based on the most up-to-date local knowledge. Furthermore, the vast majority of your funds will be used to directly support and grow local economies.

If you run into trouble while traveling or simply want some great local recommendations, you can always contact your local specialist with a quick message or call.

Why Guided Vacations?

Guided vacations offer a simple, economical, and fun way to travel since everything is planned for you rather than by you… Allowing us to handle the practicalities of travel now, more than ever, provides even greater peace of mind.

On every tour you’ll find all the details have been taken care of, so you can be in the moment, enjoy your journey, and meet fantastic people every day. That’s what we mean by traveling with ease.

Morocco Ultra Tours
  • PERFECT ITINERARIES: Designed by local experts, our tours are based on firsthand knowledge of how locals live. You’ll see all of the must-see attractions in your selected location, as well as participate in one-of-a-kind experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • GREAT HOTELS: Choosing the right places to stay is essential for a memorable vacation. You’ll sleep well at best-in-class accommodations, which range from independent hotels to world-class brands
  • LOCALS FLAVORS: Every vacation integrates the tastes and flavors of your region, from farm-to-table dining to cooking classes to Moroccan Tea and Berber pizza tastings. Travel Morocco while having a wonderful time with great people.
  • STORYTELLERS: Our Travel Directors are the best in the field and are passionate about their work.Travel is not their job; it is their passion , and they are always accessible to ensure your vacation runs well. You can travel with confidence, knowing that we are with you every step of the way, according to their local experience and 24/7 support from our local operations teams  

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Morocco FAQs

We’ve been providing dedicated excellent caring customized, authentic, and sharing tours since 2004, serving 200,000 happy satisfied customers annually, and we take pride in using this experience to create consistently high-quality, personalized tour experiences – providing easy online secure payments with round-the-clock human support.

There are no specific departure dates for our vacations because each tour is private, so you can depart on any day you wish. Every itinerary on our website may begin on any day of the year.

There are several reasons why you should book your trip with Touareg Trails. Since 2004, our company has specialized in tailor-made tours, and we take satisfaction in using that knowledge to provide consistently high-quality, personalised tour experiences. Our company is spread out over Morocco, allowing us to deliver a high level of service wherever you choose to visit in Morocco and beyond.

Absolutely! Our vacation packages are designed to provide a “starting point” for the itinerary you eventually choose. These suggested itineraries are based on our own knowledge, destination experience, and visitor preferences! You may book a trip just as it appears on our website, or you can collaborate with one of our expert Travel Consultants to customize it to your schedule, interests, and budget.

International airfare is not included since we have discovered that our guests frequently prefer to organize their own flights using frequent-flyer points or other ways.