Morocco Quad Bike Tours

Morocco Quad Bike Tours

While most quad bike excursions give a seemingly infinite mountain landscape, Morocco has much more to offer! On a Morocco quad bike tour, you will be able to view gorges, forests, valleys, and the Sahara desert. You can also mingle with the locals of the Berber villages. Morocco quad bike tours can truly open your eyes to a different world.

Morocco quad bike tours have long been on everyone’s bucket list, and it’s simple to see why. From the Saharan dunes to the summits of the High Atlas and the gorgeous valleys, the gateway to Africa provides dazzling diversity and memorable adventure riding.

Morocco Ultra Tours can help you organize your quad bike tour across Morocco’s stunning mountain ranges, historical sites, and sweeping deserts. Each town and city will greet you with their rich culture, delicious food, and true Moroccan hospitality.

Popular desert Quad Bike Tours

Explore quad bike trips that other travelers have enjoyed.

3-day Merzouga desert quad biking tour

2-hour Merzouga ATV Adventures

Dive deeper into the desert during your 2-hour quad riding tour. Enjoy a panoramic view of the dunes from a higher vantage point, allowing you to appreciate their natural beauty from a fresh perspective.

Sahara ATV Tours

4-hour desert quad bike tour

On this 4-hour excursion, leave the Merzouga desert and travel to the Erg Chabbi sand dune. Admire the beautiful desert landscape, thrill to dune bashing, meet the Nomad family, and learn about traditional Gnawa music.

Morocco Adventure Tours

Full-day Merzouga quad biking

Enjoy a full-day desert quad biking tour that takes you to Khamlia town, the ancient mining hamlet, the Erg Znigui sand, and the black desert, as well as the opportunity to taste berber pizza at a local restaurant.

Morocco Quad Bike Tours

2-day sahara quad biking adventures

Our 2-day desert Quad Biking Adventures will take us through the erg chabbi sand dunes, Hamada Kem Kem, and Tazoulte Mountains, as well as a visit to a nomadic family to have tea and learn about their way of life.

desert Quad Bike Tours

3-day Merzouga adventure quad biking

We will explore the Ouzina Sand Dunes, isolated mountains, and the Ziz River during our three-day off-roading. Then, before driving through Merzouga's highest dunes, we will visit a family that initially came from appreciating Gnawa music.

Sahara ATV Tours

4-day quad biking - desert & mountains

During our four-day desert quad bike adventure, we will explore Azerkam and the Saf Saf oasis, as well as isolated mountains and the vast hamada Kem Kem desert plateau. Then, visit Erg Chabbi and Erg Ouzina's greatest dunes.

Quad Biking Packages

Sahara ATV Tours


Many people have enjoyed these Morocco quad bike tours, and it’s one you won’t soon forget. Get on an ATV and ride till you can’t anymore. See places that others haven’t, and create an experience to remember.

There aren’t many views we appreciate more than our machines on the dunes surrounded by magnificent countryside. This will be remembered for a lifetime.

About Our desert Quad Biking

We’ve been in the outdoor adventure business for ten years and can’t get enough of creating lasting memories with our customers. We’ve refined our Morocco quad bike tours throughout the years to provide you with the best experience possible.

Our objective with each of our excursions is to make your experience delightful from the moment you call us until the moment you end your adventure. Here’s a taste of what you can expect when you ride around Morocco with us:

We have a wide range of general adventure lengths available, ranging from one hour to multi-day quad bike tours. While our trips are commonly scheduled in the mornings and afternoons, we can arrange an adventure at any time that works for our customers.

Coming out on an excursion with us allows you to visit some of the most wonderful spots in Morocco. Remember that all of our riders must wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. with all of the necessary equipment.

For our quad bike rides, we use a variety of machines. Our most popular machines are the Yamaha 350 cc for short trips and the 450 cc for longer adventures.

We can handle almost any age. Our clients’ main concern is whether they can physically operate an ATV. Most of our machines have power steering, so turning the machine isn’t difficult; the issue is navigating the machine over the contours of the terrain. But it’s not as difficult as you think!

Please contact us if you have any further questions about age or physical capabilities. We want everyone to feel safe and at ease while participating in our activities.

Desert ATV Quad biking
Desert ATV Quad biking

Additional details about our Morocco quad bike tours

Nobody understands the Morocco desert landscape like we do. Our knowledgeable tour guides show you the most beautiful sights along the best paths. We know how to provide a wonderful journey after being in business for over ten years. Join us today for an unforgettable Morocco quad bike adventure!

  • Beginner level riding.
  • Visit amazing Valleys.
  • Discover the vast magnificence of Morocco’s desert.
  • Explore the history of the landmark town.
  • Riding in the sand dunes, different than anything else on the planet.
  • Quad Bike (ATV)
  • Helmet
  • Eye protection
  • Riding gloves
  • Ice-cold water bottles
  • Detailed training and instructions from our amazing guides
  • All guests must wear long pants and closed-toe shoes.
  • A jacket (unless it’s the middle of summer).
  • You’ll definitely need a camera.
  • We provide water, but if you want to bring additional non-alcoholic beverages, we usually have cooler space for them.
  • Personal risk insurance.
  • Don’t forget to bring your ID (passeport or driving license).
  • For winter sunshine, we recommend wearing closed shoes, comfortable clothing, sunscreen, and warm clothing. To get the most out of this experience, we recommend that you follow local cultures and avoid wearing shorts or skirts.
  • For your peace of mind, we recommend that you obtain personal all-risk insurance with repatriation coverage. (If your current insurance does not cover all activities, this link may be useful.)

FAQs About Morocco Quad Bike Tours

We offer many Morocco quad bike tours length choices. The first is a 2-hour teaser tour, which is ideal for those with limited time. Then we have our well-rounded and popular 4-hour half-day experience.

We have full-day to multi-day tours for people who can’t get enough.

ATV excursions in Merzouga desert typically depart at any time of day. Furthermore, tour departure times may depending on the season and the adventure you choose.

In addition, in the summer, we have tours that leave earlier and return later, and in the winter, the opposite is true. We will do our best to locate a departure time that works for you. Remember, we can tailor a tour to your schedule!

We ask that all guests arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. This allows us to outfit you with the necessary equipment and go over the operation and safety rules.

We will ensure that you spend your tour time doing what you have paid for by arriving 30 minutes before your start time.

Yes. Long pants and closed-toed protective footwear, such as sneakers or boots, are necessary for safety reasons.

As a result, we do not permit the wearing of flip flops or sandals on any of our tours.

Our quad bike excursions take you away from our Merzouga office and onto the sand dunes. However, depending on the type of tour you choose, you will most likely encounter the black desert and sand dunes.

More Info

No, we work with people of all ability levels. Many of our clients have never ridden an ATV. We will demonstrate how to operate the ATV before taking you out on a flat area for a training session.

If you need to change your reservation, please contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.

You must be 18 years old to book a tour.

No. We do not want to risk the safety and well-being of any pregnant woman or her child because it can be a bumpy ride at times.

Our quad bike excursions take you away from our Merzouga office and onto the sand dunes. However, depending on the type of tour you choose, you will most likely encounter the black desert and sand dunes.

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